08 May 2012

Disqus 2012 telah boleh dicuba oleh blogger

Selamat sejahtera kepada semua rakan.

Anda menggunakan sistem komen Disqus? Jika ya, bolehlah membuat pengaktifan sistem komen terkini Disqus 2012.

Baru sahaja sahaja menerima pengaktifan untuk menyertai Disqus 2012 ini setelah membuat permohonan minggu lepas. Jika anda ingin memohon untuk mencuba, sila lawat permohonan Disqus 2012. Peserta yang mencuba menggunakan sistem Disqus 2012 ini akan berfungsi sebagai penyampai maklumat dengan memberi maklumbalas terhadap sebarang masalah.

Setakat ini, Sop sangat suka dengan Disqus 2012 dari segi kelajuan, kelancaran loading Disqus 2012 yang baik. Ciri-ciri tambahan TAB menu pada komen yang memberi maklumat penuh pada sistem komen iaitu komen, komuniti dan My Disqus sangat mengujakan.

Engage and re-Engage

Realer time

Setakat ini apa yang menjadi masalah Disqus 2012 ialah tidak sesuai dengan Internet Explore (IE) 7 ke bawah. Bagi pengguna Windows XP, pastikan kemaskini IE kepada versi yang terkini.

Beberapa pembaharuan telah dibuat oleh pihak Disqus untuk memastikan lebih dinamik, ringan, mesra SEO dan ringan. Berikut adalah maklumat tentang Disqus 2012 yang diambil dari blog Disqus:

Today we’re releasing Disqus 2012 on a rolling basis to existing websites using Disqus. Disqus 2012 is what we’ve nicknamed the completely new version of the Disqus platform. Our plan is to invite websites — starting today and over the course of the next few weeks — to activate the new Disqus for their communities. You can request an invite here if you’d like to get started before others (note: this is currently only for existing Disqus users). We’re doing things this way because we want to learn from your feedback, make improvements, and then open it up to the public in June.

Here’s how we’re doing this:

We’re starting by inviting active websites that are already using Disqus.
Disqus 2012 can be enabled with one-click. It’s opt-in so you get to choose when you’re ready to try the new Disqus.
We’ll be inviting websites slowly over the course of the next few weeks. We’re not quite ready for everyone yet — you can request an invite to let us know that you’re interested in using Disqus 2012 earlier than others.
We’re really excited to hit this milestone. We started building a new Disqus to rethink what’s truly important for a discussion platform.

A couple weeks ago, I described some of the major themes of Disqus 2012 development:

Frictionless. The goal was to have a very fluid experience in Disqus. The new Disqus is truly realtime — our approach tries to take some of the best pieces of fast-paced chat and combine that with the structured depth of topical conversations.

Quality. Today, Disqus uses “Likes” as a way to give others a lightweight virtual wink. In Disqus 2012, we decided to expand on this with voting actions. With voting, the new Disqus encourages richer discussions to form by letting the community surface the best comments. By pairing this with a smarter scoring system, Disqus will help maintain quality discussions — but without silencing simply less popular opinions.

Personalized. We’re debuting My Disqus — a new personal view for people to stay on top of their conversations wherever they are. This is integrated right into the platform itself, so people will never have to leave the current page.

Discovery. Disqus 2012 will help websites better connect with their audiences. One of the first features to work toward this is the new Community view. This new view shows off the website’s top participants as well as some of the hottest discussions happening right now.

While we’re proud of where we are with Disqus 2012, we’re not done building. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be adding features and making improvements with your help. In the meantime, there are 3 new things about Disqus 2012 that we think you’ll love:

Truly SEO-compatible. The new Disqus integrates in a way that is naturally discoverable by Google — out of the box, without any extra work.
Frictionless realtime. A truly fluid experience that’s available to all websites using the new Disqus.
A carefully crafted user experience that’s deliberately designed to drive participation and traffic on your site.
The new Disqus is also built to be more useful and easier to use for commenters across the web. We put together a video to introduce Disqus to people — check it out!

Nota kaki: Sila tinggalkan maklumbalas anda di Shoutbox jika tidak dapat tinggalkan komen yer!