11 April 2012

Nescafe minuman menyegarkan

Selamat sejahtera kepada semua rakan.
Terima kasih kerana singgah ke blog Riwayat Hariku.

Siapa peminat Nescafe?
Jika kaki nescafe, memang boleh jadi geng Sop kerana Sop boleh dikatakan 'hantu' Nescafe. Setiap pagi pasti layan dulu segelas Nescafe di rumah. Bila bersarapan, segelas lagi layan Nescafe. Bila minum-minum petang, layan Nescafe! Malam sambil melayan internet, segelas Nescafe! Betul-betul kaki Nescafe bukan?

Walaupun selalu minum Nescafe, Sop pastikan akan buat atau pesan Nescafe kurang manis. Kena jaga kesihatan juga terutama apabila umur semakin bertambah. Oleh sebab itu, Sop suka minum Nescafe yang dibancuh sendiri kerana boleh buat kurang manis tetapi 'kaw punya!' :)

Kemungkinan besar Sop juga ketagih dengan Nescafe ini, maklum sahaja Nescafe atau kopi mempunyai nikotin yang membolehkan kita ketagih.

Jom lihat apa kata Nescafe tentang kebaikkan kopi:


Coffee and Your Mind
Many studies suggest that coffee drinking can improve overall ‘cognitive performance’, which includes important mental skills like perception, attention, memory, problem solving and reaction or response abilities. So whether you’re at the office, driving, or working night shifts, a quick coffee break will increase your brain activity and make you more alert almost immediately.
Coffee and Your Body
Upping Your Physical Performance
Caffeine promotes muscle contraction, improves neuromuscular transmission and increases peak force generation, thus increasing your capability and capacity for exercise. This means that you can keep going at a more intense pace, for a longer period and gain more from your workouts!

A healthy weight management aid
Did you know that a plain black cup of coffee contains a very small amount of calories? In fact, coffee may be able to help maintain a healthy weight! Several studies have shown that drinking coffee can increase your metabolic rate, which in turn causes fat to burn faster. This is due to the caffeine in coffee which stimulates the body’s adrenal glands to release a hormone, called catecholamine.
Coffee and Antioxidants
Research has shown that a cup of coffee naturally comes with antioxidants, which are really good for you.

Your body is constantly exposed to particles called free radicals, particles which are caused by factors like exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun, environmental pollution, stress and smoking. Scientific studies suggest that free radicals can damage your body tissues, affect the ageing process and cause diseases like cataracts, cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Antioxidants in your body neutralize the free radicals and protect your body cells from damage.

Dah macam entry promosi produk la pulak! Kalau Nescafe bayar, ok lah juga untuk promosi lebih-lebih! Tak pun, supply Nescafe selama setahun ker? Hehehehe Entry ini hanya berkongsi minat Sop dengan Nescafe sahaja. Terima kasih kerana membaca entry ini :)