16 March 2012

Plugme - script banner exchange percuma

Selamat sejahtera kepada semua rakan.

Ingin banner exchange di blog Riwayat Hariku?
Sila ke ruangan Banner Exchange untuk memasukkan banner bersaiz 50x50 anda. Semoga perkongsian ini boleh menaikkan backlink dan PR blog atau web kita.

Jika anda ingin memasukkan script banner exchange ke blog anda, PlugMe.net menyediakan scripts plugboards secara percuma.

Untuk mendapatkan plugboards, hanya daftar dan dapatkan kod HTML untuk dimasukkan ke blog atau web anda. Pengguna boleh memilih saiz, susunan, paparan dan sebagainya dengan setting mudah. Dengan kod HTML, pengguna boleh meletak di mana sahaja plugboards ini sama ada di page atau widget.

Maklumat terperinci mengenai plugboard adalah seperti berikut:

Q. What is a plugboard?
A. A plugboard allows visitors to your site to plug/advertise their website. It will help keep them coming back to your website and helps everyone, including yourself, to get more visitors.

Q. Is this service free?
A. Yes, our service is absolutely free for anyone!

Q. Why should I get a plugboard from here?
A. There are various reasons why you should get a plugboard from here.
+ We have never had bugs, exploits, etc.
+ We do not force our users to regularly update their code.
+ Our plugboards can be on your site in seconds with no difficult installations, the HTML code is quickly generated for you.
+ We provide you with your own simple-to-use admin panel.
+ We have many features. Some may be seen here.
+ They work on almost all, if not all, websites.
+ They work in almost all, if not all, web browsers.
+ To find more reasons, register for a free plugboard and try it out today!

Q. How do I remove broken links or images?
A. Login to your administration panel, click the delete checkbox next to the plug(s) then click Save Changes. You can also edit plugs so you may wish to use an alternative image for broken images.

Q. How do I change my password?
A. Login to your admin panel and click "Account". Enter your new password in the password field and click Save Changes.

Q. I've lost my password, what should I do?
A. Click here and enter your E-mail address. Your password will be reset and E-mailed to you.

Did you know?

PlugMe.Net is designed by Wes and the 'plugboard' concept was invented by Wes in March 2002.

The original concept of PlugMe.Net was just a general plug site. In fact, it was the very first plug site. Plug sites are now common on the internet as many people duplicated the idea.

Today, plugboards are a popular web tool used on thousands of websites, imparticularly blogs, personal websites, and web-related websites.
The PlugMe.Net service allows thousands of people to use plugboards on their websites - You don't need any scripting knowledge or special server requirements such as PHP or ASP to put a plugboard on your website!
Untuk mendapatkan plugboard, sila lawat http://www.plugme.net/