25 December 2011

10,000 steps to a healthier you!

Our fast-paced and hectic lifestyle requires us to not just be active everyday but also to watch what we consume daily especially the consumption of salt and sugar.

Do you know that just by walking 10,000 steps each day, you burn more than 300 calories? By choosing the stairs instead of an elevator or walking to a park further from your destination and making the time to go for a walk, it can help strengthen your muscles and bones.

Here are some tips:
- Find shoes that can double as dress/work shoes and walking shoes so you can always be ready to walk.
- Don’t email your co-worker down the hall, walk to them instead. Save the email and phone calls to talk to them for a closer contact

Think about it the next time you say hello to your colleagues and loved ones. Those few steps everyday can make you a fitter and healthier person! Also don't forget to reduce the carbs and only consume what your body needs to maintain a healthy living. Happy holidays!

More info, please visit link http://www.churpchurp.com/gnesop/share/gayahidupsihat-healthy