17 September 2011

Akuarium yang sangat kecil

Pernah lihat akuarium terkecil?
Jika belum, jom jenguk entry ini. Akuarium yang sungguh kecil. Apa pasal dia kecil? Entahlah.... huhuhu

Russian miniaturist Anatoly Konenko engaged microminiature art for three decades. He came up with its own technology letters on rice, poppy seed, as well as human hair, and has recently created the world's smallest aquarium with live fish. This tiny tank is made of fiberglass on the bottom rising living algae, and fish in it too, very real - 5 danio rerio juveniles, whose size does not exceed 4 mm. Volume mikrorezervuara - 10 ml. That is 2 teaspoons.06 more images after the break...