Mamee, enak dimakan begitu saja!

Bila tengok gambar MAMEE tu, teringat masa Sop kecik tersilap beli MAMEE. Masa tu abang Sop kirim beli MAGGI tetapi Sop kurang kenal lagi masa tu. Apabila beli MAMEE tu, abang Sop masak juga MAMEE tersebut seperti MAGGI.. Teka apa jadi?
Rasanya memang tidak sesuai untuk dimasak! Hahaha
Ia memang untuk makan begitu sahaja. Sejak itu, Sop tahu mana MAMEE dan mana MEGGI :)

What’s your favorite snack to munch on, when you’re studying late at night, or watching a movie in front of the telly at home, reading a book, or driving home back to kampung? Most of you probably have heard of Mamee Monster products. Some of it includes Mamee cup noodles, Double Decker, Mister Potato, and Mamee Monster, just to name a few. These snacks would no doubt would fill a starving tummy!

Mamee brand has been around for over 35 years and Mamee products has all these while been a trusted HALAL product. You can check out the halal status on Jakim’s official page.

In conjunction with Raya, Mamee Monster would like to wish you all Selamat Hari Raya and would like to remind you to drive safely if you are returning back to your hometown. For that long drive back, you should bring back some snacks and munch on some of the Mamee Monster snacks! You could also serve some Mamee monsters with your kuih raya to celebrate in this festive season!
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