11 February 2011

Surat cinta dari ChurpChurp?

Tiba-tiba petang ini menerima emel dari ChurpChurp seperti berikut:
First Notice Letter - Suspicion in Fraud Clicks' Activities

Dear XXXX XXXXXX XXXX, Thank you for your active participation in the ChurpChurp Social Sharing Campaigns! Unfortunately, our records have identified that your account has committed one/or all of the following offences: 1. Sharing the campaign(s) links alongside misleading messages to entice clicks from friends and followers. 2. Sharing and posting on conflicting sites and/or suspicious sites. Please be informed that any earnings from the suspected campaign(s) that you’ve shared will be removed. Should you still continue posting misleading messages and on suspicious conflicting sites; we will notify you via email a notice of a 2 weeks ChurpChurp account suspension. You will not be able to take part in any commercial campaigns during the suspension period. Churp Churp prides itself as a community of genuine social media users. We strongly discourage you to participate in any click fraud activities and/or violate our terms, rules and regulations as Churp Churp upholds genuinity in all Social Sharing campaigns. For more information on the ‘Social Sharing’ Dos and Dont’s, check out the our Guidlines here. Thank you.

Terkejut tak bila dapat emel seperti ini? Apa salah Sop?

Nasib baik menerima emel kedua dari ChurpChurp seperti berikut:

Please ignore previous email. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Dear churper,

Regretfully, we have mistakenly sent you a click fraud email notice. Please ignore our previous email. We truly apologize for the inconvenience caused.

For other inquiries, please write-in to helpdesk for us further assistance: http://www.churpchurp.com/contact-us/.

Thank you