16 July 2010

Tertarik dengan web berhenti merokok

Web ini menawarkan produk untuk berhenti merokok oleh syarikat Johnson & Johnson Sdn. Bhd.

Kebanyakkan perokok (seperti aku) sedar tentang keburukkan merokok nih tetapi jika menjadi perokok tegar, memang sukar untuk berhenti.

Sop percaya ramai juga yang telah menggunakan pelbagai teknik dan kaedah untuk berhenti merokok tetapi gagal. Kementerian Kesihatan sendiri menawarkan pakej bimbingan berhenti merokok. Produk ini mungkin memberi tambahan kaedah kepada perokok untuk berhenti.

Maklumat produk:

How does NICORETTE® work?
NICORETTE® is a Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). NICORETTE® provides your body with just enough nicotine to help reduce your cravings, but without the damaging tar and carbon monoxide from cigarette smoke, which are the primary causes of cancer and cardiovascular disease.NICORETTE® has been shown to double a quitter's chances of stopping smoking compared to willpower alone. However, using NICORETTE® alone is not enough. There must also be a strong desire and determination to give up smoking. A combination of willpower and NICORETTE® will give you the best chance of quitting successfully.
Why choose NICORETTE®?
As every smoker is not the same, NICORETTE® offers a range of products. NICORETTE® Gum and 16-Hour Patchare all available without prescription. Click here to determine your nicotine dependence.
What happens if I fail?
First of all, don't worry. Many ex-smokers try several times before being successful. Think of your relapse as a temporary set back, rather than a failure. Use the experience and learn from it so that next time you won't be tempted again. Remember, if you're determined to quit you can and will succeed, so try again as soon as you're ready.

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Nota kaki: Entry ini tidak ditaja oleh mana-mana pihak, sekadar berkongsi.
(Bila agaknya aku akan berhenti?)