12 February 2010

Tambah pendapatan dengan pengiklanan Admax Network

Webmaster atau blogger boleh menyertai program ini untuk menambah pendapatan dengan menjadi publisher pengiklanan Admax Network. Berikut syarat-syarat penyertaan yang dipetik dari web:

What are requirements in applying to be a publisher of Admax Network?
icon Sites that carry a greater proportion of original content versus links and advertising
icon Relevant, updated, quality content on both site in general and particularly on specific page where there is ad position.

icon Ad positions must be on high-impact location --- above-the-scroll, preferably
icon Ad positions must be one of the following IAB standard banner sizes:
o 728 x 90
o 300 x 250
o 120 x 600
o 160 x 600
o 468 x 60

icon Website must have its own domain
icon The site cannot contain illegal or inappropriate content (e.g., adult, gambling, tobacco, alcohol), nor information that may constitute infringement or otherwise violate the privacy other rights of a third party 
 Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila lawati http://www.admaxnetwork.com