How do i get backlink?

This is going to be a simple tips, because i want to get to my point as soon as posibble. I know some of hidup berani untuk gagal contestant wondering how do i get backlink from other website point to my blog as hidup berani untuk gagal as anchored tag
I hope you will see that it is easy to get backlink using the simple technique and tricks that i used.
Whether you are new to backlink, or have been doing it for years and are looking for new backlinking strategies - you will bennefit from the easy to follow task that i used.
For your information, I am a members of three website that using forum as a platform. Those website is, and This Forums allow members to put blog url in a signature box and it was Dofollow forum. So how do i get backlink from this website?
When I participate in those Forum discussion board and make some posts in the thread, The Signature box with my blog url will publish below the post and i was configuring it with hidup berani untuk gagal as a title tag . Like i said before the signature box from forum is a blog url and we can make anchored tag for a clickable link.
Picture - keyword as a title tag
anchored tag Hidup berani untuk gagal
Picture - Copy link location to ping
Hidup berani untuk gagal url copy to ping
After i make a post in the thread, i will ping the forum url using Why i ping that url?. This ping tricks using is a must do task if you want to tell search engines bot to visit your website. When the bot visit any website it will find a link then follow it - means it will index your blog.
Picture -Submit link to pingler
Hidup berani untuk gagal url to ping
If your blog indexed with anchored tag like my blog was indexed that mean search engines bot understand what is your website is about and will listed your blog in SERPs.
Thats all guys a backlink task that i used for Hidup berani untuk gagal seo contest, below is other option that can be used to get backlink from other website.
1. Get backlink - Post a blog comments technique
To do this tips you must Find a do-follow blogs then Post a blog comments. I always do this about 20 blogs per day and make sure you post related comments.
2. Get backlink - Submit your blog into a website directory or blog directory site.
You do not have time to submit your blog into those directory - There is software that can perform this task with automatic, Hehehe you can use a google to find it.
3. Social bookmarking sites.
Sign up to social bookmarking sites. After that Submit your new blog posts to Social Bookmarking sites. If your Internet connection on a top speed you will finish sumbmitting about 30 minute.
My recomendation Social bookmarking sites to submit your new blog posts is, and
5. Resource box in Yahoo Answers.
There is a resource box in Yahoo Answers So always put your link because you need to browse Yahoo Answers and post your comments and answers to questions related to your blog.
****** If you want to see your blog listed on a top ten SERPS the above processes will only take 2 to 4 hours to make it work and must be done daily and Please be patients
Best Regards

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