06 January 2010

AddThis Widget untuk blog anda

Adalah penting untuk anda meletakkan social bookmark di blog anda untuk berkongsi artikel oleh pengunjung. Ini bukan sahaja mempopularkan blog anda malah juga menambah traffic.

Menggunakan AddThis sungguh mudah dan tanpa berdaftar. Hanya customize mengikut kehendak anda dan dapatkan kod untuk blog anda. Berikut AddThis Feature untuk info anda:

AddThis Features

Help your users share your content everywhere. Generate traffic back to your site and increase your site's search engine ranking. It only takes seconds to get AddThis, and it's free! Here are just a few great AddThis features:
Smartest sharing tool
Largest collection of services
Supports over 50 languages
Faster performance
Highly customizable
Powerful analytics
Private and secure
Share Flash widgets

Smartest sharing tool ever.

AddThis automatically optimizes itself for each person who visits your site. Every person shares differently, so AddThis custom fits each menu with the services they'll normally use. For example, if a user shares to Facebook and Amazon Wishlist, they will be presented with those first. This logic ensures that your content is always one click away, because the right service is always tailored to the right person.

Largest collection of services, and growing.

Your content can now be shared to more services than ever before. AddThis includes destinations from all over the world, including Facebook, Twitter, Digg, MenĂ©ame, Hatena, and Nujij — and even utilities like Print, Translate, and PDF Online. The AddThis Service Directory is growing and it automatically takes care of keeping your sharing tools up-to-date with these new services, so you don't have to.
Want to see one of your favorite services added? Suggest a service

Automatically translated in over 50 languages.

AddThis is the most multilingual sharing tool in the world, currently translated in over 50 languages. If someone from another country wants to share your content, AddThis automatically translates its interface into their browser's language. More translations are being added every day, so language should never get in the way of your users sharing your content. Submit a translation of AddThis in your own language.

Faster performance.

One of first things you'll notice about the AddThis button is how fast it loads. We actively research and optimize the performance to make it lighter—every pixel has been designed to maximize sharing without taxing load time on your site.

Customize the experience.

Tweak the colors, swap out the destinations, add your branding, adjust the menu offset and delay, or simply customize the entire experience with the menu API. For total control, you can create your own sharing menu with our new toolbox feature.

Track how your users are sharing with analytics.

One of our most popular features is our analytics. It's designed to give you up-to-the-minute stats on sharing trends, top content shared, top services, and top continents. Use these reports to understand how people are sharing your content. Learn more.

Private, safe and secure.

At AddThis, we take security and privacy seriously. We understand that private information should stay private. AddThis is the only sharing button that has SSL/HTTPS security and we do not share personally identifying information. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information, and check out a short list of organizations below that use AddThis to promote sharing, including The White House, FBI and British Monarchy.

Share Flash Widgets

Share Flash widgets to Facebook, MySpace, Google and other destinations that support embeddable content. Also, Flash developers can now build sharing features directly into their Flash websites and widgets. Learn more.

Who else uses AddThis?

You might be surprised who's sharing their content using AddThis — here are just a few:


  1. kenapa xdpt report analytics slps dh install add this ni...confuse la..leh terangkan?

  2. Selepas install addthis, untuk mendapatkan analytic, anda perlu membuat penambahan untuk mendapatkan fungsi istimewa analytic. Ia tidak secara automatik. Analisa boleh dilakukan melalui web addthis atau google analytic. sedikit ubahsuai perlu dilakukan.
    sila rujuk 'read more' di tajuk
    'Track how your users are sharing with analytics'.

  3. info yang menarik untuk blogger. thanks

  4. info yang sungguh bermakna untuk saya

  5. @Myzul - gembira ia boleh digunakan oleh Myzul..