24 December 2009

Menangi hadiah dengan pertandingan Dell

Dah register untuk masuk pertandingan tapi buat design tai reti da.. bila buat jer, mesti jadi tak lawa. Sah-sah tak menang punyer.. jadi blom hantar penyertaan. Jika anda pandai buat design, masuk-masuk lah pertandingan ini, mana tahu anda berezeki, dapat hadiah menarik dari Dell.


The Make it yours contest from Dell is about celebrating your creative self-expression. Simply create your own original design, sign up to the competition and submit your artwork. All your designs, drawings, sketches or doodles are welcome. The only requirements are that your design is original, it expresses your creativity and it belongs to you.

Please note:

  • You must register to submit or vote for entries.
  • You can submit one or more entries per category.
  • All entries should be original and the participant should have exclusive rights for the same. Only original entries will be accepted.
  • Each entry needs to be titled appropriately, followed with a description.
  • Entries should be in English only.
  • Follow the file restrictions mentioned while uploading entries.

The last date for submission of the entries is 05 February 2010. Winners will be announced on or around 19 February 2010.

Winners will be selected by one or more judges appointed by Dell. Please refer to the Contest Terms & Conditions for details.