08 June 2009

Page Speed - A Must Have Firefox SEO Add-On by GOOGLE !

It's not a secret that all the Search Engine Optimization tricks and techniques have been developed not just to make search engines happy, but to make the readers happy too. Although blogs generally take a little longer to load as compared to commercial websites, due to all the widgets, JavaScript and CSS files etc. but for readers who are mainly interested in the content & do not of course have time to admire all the shiny widgets and gadgets, will like to see the blogs load as quickly as possible.
So optimizing the loading time of your blog is really necessary for both search engines and readers.
Now Google has itself created a special tool (a firefox add-on, that works along with firebug):
that's called Page Speed. Being an open source project Google has again left the boundaries undefined and a lot scope for it's further development...

So do give it a try & if you are a developer have some hands-on it ;)

Page Speed: details in brief

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