03 February 2009

Widget Flag Counter

Dapatkan widget flag counter untuk blog anda. Sesuai untuk anda memaparkan jumlah pelawat mengikut negara. Berikut maklumat lanjut mengenai widget ini.

Plain old "hit counters" are boring! You need a free flag counter!

Get your very own flag counter with just one line of HTML code. Flag counters are fast, fun, reliable, and best of all, free of charge!

Add our free counter to virtually any website! Flag counters don't require any complicated coding. Every time a visitor from a new country visits your page, a new flag will be added to your counter. The total number of visitors to your site from each country will be shown next to the flag, and you can click the counter to view all sorts of useful information. Below you can fully customize your new flag counter.

Customize Your Flag Counter
Maximum Flags to Show
Columns of Flags
Label on Top of Counter

Show Country Labels
Show Pageview Count
Background Color#
Text Color#
Border Color#