25 December 2008

Jing Project - Snap, Record & Share

Jika anda ingin ambil gambar atau rekod video desktop, boleh cuba program yang disediakan oleh Jing Project. Perkhidmatan ini disediakan secara percuma sahaja. Ramai yang membuat video tutorial mengenai web, program, installation, software dan sebagainya menggunakan software ini.
Untuk menggunakan program ini, anda perlu install software daripada web Jing Project. Berikut maklumat mengenai Jing Project:

Think of Jing as a supplement to all your chat discussions, email threads, forum posts and blog entries. It sits nicely on your desktop, ready to capture and share your stuff at a moment's notice. Simply select an area of your screen, capture it as an image or record it as a video, and then click Share. Jing conveniently places a URL to your content which you can paste into any of your conversations.

Where does Jing send my images and videos?

It's up to you! Here's a list of your options:
A local folder
A network drive
Copy to your clipboard (images only)
An FTP server
Is it true Jing is free?

TechSmith is pleased to announce that Jing is an official product offering. Don’t worry, it’s still free. We are also including a complimentary Screencast.com account with 2 GB of storage and 2 GB of transfer bandwidth per month. Of course, in an effort to address your requests for additional features and alternative Jing models, we will likely have premium versions available soon. Stay tuned!

What is Screencast.com?

Screencast.com is TechSmith’s media hosting solution that Jing uses to securely host your content. It’s perfect for the kind of images and videos you’ll want to make with Jing. We use Screencast.com to ensure everyone has access to a free, secure hosting option that enables the fastest visual communication possible. We include a complimentary Screencast.com account with 2 GB of storage and 2 GB of transfer bandwidth per month. You can upload or save your content in lots of other places too!

What makes Jing different from SnagIt or Camtasia Studio?

While there's truth in describing Jing as a SnagIt or Camtasia Studio “lite,” the key difference is about workflow. Jing is designed to be fast-visual communication shared with others in a variety of locations. Capture. Annotate. Share.

Does Jing offer Tech Support?

Yes. Jing offers free technical support, (support.techsmith.com) and this is the best way to resolve issues such as firewall problems, installation issues, and other tough issues that aren't addressed on the Jing blog.

Once I share my video or image, can I share it again?

You sure can. Jing stores all your videos and images in the History. You can sort by capture date, file size, or separate images and videos. Check out this short video to see how to use History. (19 seconds, no audio)

Can I record my microphone or system audio when making a video?

Yes. By default Jing records your microphone input. It's possible in some cases to record your system audio, but you cannot switch between inputs once you start recording.

Click the following links to learn more.

Mac system audio
Windows system audio
What image and video formats does Jing produce?

Images are always in PNG format and videos are always in SWF format. Send us feedback and tell us what formats you'd like and why.

Can I resize (scale bigger or smaller) my video recordings?

Not at this time. Videos are viewed in the same dimensions as which they were recorded.

Can I make it so Jing doesn't launch at startup? Can I get the sun off my screen?

Yes to both questions. Click the More ball, click Preferences, then check or uncheck the boxes next to these options.