24 November 2008

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About Us

yourminis.com, launched in October, 2006 is a property of goowy media, inc. (www.goowy.com). goowy was started in mid 2004 in San Diego, California, by 4 friends (Alex Bard, Gary Benitt, Jeremy Suriel and Sashi Bommakanty) who have worked and played together for the last 10 years.

Prior to goowy we were on the founding team of two other Internet start-ups in the Internet communication space. One was very successful (sold to a public company) and the other was a familiar Dot Com story - meteoric rise and a slow fall which ended for us in 2004.

After taking some time off and investing in a few restaurants (that's a story best told over sake), we decided to do get back into the game and do something fun, while leveraging our background in Internet application development. We went into a year of heads down development, and we finally launched the Beta version of goowy mail in March of 2005. Since then goowy has evolved into a personal webtop with email, contacts, calendaring, integrated IM, minis (the basis for yourminis.com), file storage, games and more.

Our members have made all of this possible with their continued feedback and support. We are very excited about yourminis.com and all of the things you can do with them. We believe that delivering the best of the Internet in "mini", fun and customizable, applications creates a better, more effective Internet experience for you.

Thanks for your support. Please help us grow by telling your friends about us.