17 November 2008

Tulis blog?

Kadang-kadang aku tertanya juga, apa yang perlu aku tulis kat blog ni?
Apa tujuan aku tulis blog?
Apa yang aku tulis?

Aku dah sesat ke dalam dunia Blogger ni?
Aku rasa yer kot aku sesat.. Sebab aku selalu merayau kat blog orang..
Cari idea, baca story... Tengok apa-apa yang menarik..

Kadang tuh, bila dah lost kat blog nih, aku tak tahu nak wat apa....

Apa tujuan korang tulis blog?


  1. Start with something in your life. Things you eat, places you travel and maybe your hobbies. It's more fun to read something original instead of taking some articles from the net and paste it in our own blog.

  2. yah!!
    lawatan balas. nampak icon anda disitu dan terus datang ke sini, and the post that i can see was the same question i asked my fellow pocketeers before,
    maybe reading 102. Y Pocketing? might give u some clue:)
    PS: The comments was better than the post ^^

  3. blogging is about sharing. your idea, personal life, problems, knowledge, hobby or just your ranting.

    like me, i like to share good info i get from the net. of course with some modification plus my own idea.Besides, its also a good place to save the interesting info you get from the net. it is easier to find the info by this way.

    check out my blog (",)y

  4. Hasegawa - thanks.. very helpful

    Pocket - terima kasih kerana sudi melawat. setuju komen amat membantu

    magma3637 - thanks. great info/idea and very helpful

    All comment give me some idea to get focus blogging. Thanks buddies