12 November 2008

Masukkan tajuk blog

Aku jumpa post ni dan nak kongsi jer dengan kengkawan bloger lain:

Today, I have learnt an important lesson in blogging. It is not enough to write useful content to attract daily unique visitors to my blogs.

Probably you might also be under the same impression. Our blogs get targeted visitors mainly from search engine results for the keyword, the searcher uses. And for that, we must rewrite the title of our blog.

I did that just now. Please look at the top of the browser and you will see the following:
Money by blogging| Blog Promotion| Blogging tools
This is what I write about mostly in this blog. Now I have informed the search engine clearly what this blog about is. Earlier, it used to be 'Blog Avenues' which you and I can make out something from it but the search engines could not match our intelligence.

You can also do this now.
Click on 'Edit HTML' of your blog and you will see this almost immediately:

Please note that I have used different brackets above as I am facing problem writing here. Hope you understand.

Now replace the words in between the title tags with proper words that explain your blog's purpose. Preview and save the template if you are satisfied with what you see in the browser.